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Our Surrogacy Programs

Guaranteed surrogacy program

The guaranteed Surrogacy Program will reduce the stress to a great extent. Global Star Surrogacy is happy to offer this affordable surrogacy services to our intended parents.

Surrogacy with own eggs (self cycle)

At Global Star Surrogacy, we will help you identify a potential surrogate who has been screened and deemed medically fit to carry your pregnancy to term.

Surrogacy with egg donation

Our surrogacy with egg donor program helps you to select a local or Caucasian egg donor from our exhaustive database of proven egg donors. We assist you in choosing the right egg donor as per your requirements.

Surrogacy with frozen embryos

The embryos conceived can still be used for implantation even after 10 years of storage. Many studies have proved that frozen embryo transfers are more successful than fresh embryo transfer.

Surrogacy with egg sharing

Surrogacy with Egg Sharing is a surrogacy program where couples can share the same egg donor to complete their family frames. It is also a prominent choice for same-sex parents.

Surrogacy with 2 surrogate mother program

Our 2 surrogate mother program increases your chances of pregnancy since both the surrogates are implanted with embryos at the same time.

IVF only

At Global Star Surrogacy with affordable surrogacy services, we collaborate with IVF clinics on a global level, providing intended parents with high-quality treatments.

LGBT surrogacy

The LGBT Surrogacy program by Global Star Surrogacy is suitable for the same-sex couples who are intending to become parents through surrogacy.


No couple will want to pass their genetic abnormalities to their child. The PGD and PGS services provided by Global Star Surrogacy ensure about the same.

Surrogacy for HIV positive intended parents

For those couples who are HIV positive and would want to complete their dream of having children, the surrogacy program for HIV positive patients has made it possible for couples who do not want to pass on this infection to their child.

About Us

We are the best ethical surrogacy agency offering Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs across the world. We have partnered with some of the best IVF and Surrogacy clinics in Georgia,Ukraine, Colombia, USA, Greece, Russia and Kenya. Our mission is to help couples create a loving family and cherish the joy of parenthood. Being an International best surrogacy agency, we have compiled the best, affordable, and successful ART and guaranteed surrogacy programs across countries.

How to get started

Global Star Surrogacy has multiple treatment options to help almost everyone build the family of their dreams. And it all starts with one call:

Why Us?

Our mission is to help couples create a loving family and cherish the joy of parenthood. Being an International best surrogacy agency, we have compiled the best, affordable, and successful ART and guaranteed surrogacy programs across countries. Our attractive international guaranteed surrogacy programs have something unique to offer every intended parent.

  • We have cost-effective surrogacy program in Georgia, Ukraine, Colombia, USA, Greece, Russia and Kenya..
  • We have helped hundreds of heterosexual, same sex couples become parents from 4 continents in the last 10 + years.
  • From egg donor matching to surrogate selection, we do it all with utmost professionalism.

As the whole process is new to our clients, we offer a free consultation as the first step towards surrogacy treatment.All queries and concerns related to surrogacy and newborn legal rights will be discussed and made clear to avoid future complications. Our approach has only one motive; to ensure that all the parties involved have professional and emotional support to experience a positive surrogacy process.

Are you planning your surrogacy abroad but lack the understanding of the country’s legal framework?. Contact Us


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Once you commit to Global Star Surrogacy, we quickly strategize your tailored surrogacy program.

Complete your family frame

We assemble a team of experts including IVF clinic, lawyers, etc to fulfill your dream of family building.

Free surrogacy consultation

Consultations occur via Skype/ phone call/ email, where intended parents learn about the surrogacy & matching process and review our programs and options.


Our clients say

Our experience with Global Star Surrogacy has been overwhelming. The perfection, the professionalism is simply outstanding
Trust and compassion are key during the surrogacy process. When my husband and I had twin boys in 2014,halfway around the world in Thailand, we were blessed to have Rekha as our primary contact. She was a ray of light when surrogacy was suddenly outlawed in Thailand during the second trimester. She kept us sane.
Global Star Surrogacy - Compassionate, proficient, and outstanding in delivering their services. Undoubtedly, they were the best choice to fulfil our dream of becoming parents.

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